Lascal BuggyBoard Review

Innovative, user-friendly and universal, the bestselling Lascal BuggyBoard is a certified game-changer! Fitting more than 99% of pushchairs, strollers and prams on the market, the Lascal removes the need for a double buggy, and your tot will love the adventure! 

Big wheels and a wide platform make it easy for you to walk behind while your child can enjoy a comfortable ride. So no matter how tired they are or if you are in a rush, they can stand securely between your arms on the large anti-slip surface. 

When you’re done, simply hook the board up behind your pram and carry on with your day. 

In this Lascal BuggyBoard review, we will take a look at some of the bestselling Lascal BuggyBoards available to help you find the perfect match: 

The Compact One: Lascal BuggyBoard Mini 

lascal buggyboard mini

If you own a compact, lightweight stroller, plonking a heavy, ride-on platform to the back of your pram isn’t going to lighten your load! Fortunately, that’s where the Mini comes in. You get all the perks of the brand: universal fit, comfortable and secure platform and easy to store, and more, but on a much smaller scale. 

No compromise on design 

Just because it’s mini doesn’t mean you lose out. The Lascal BuggyBoard Mini comes in an array of vibrant patterns and prints (including Union Jacks and leopard print!) and features all the landmarks of the iconic brand. 

Your child won’t lose their footing as you rush through the crowds, bump kerbs and take on narrow spaces with the non-slip, 3D surface. Combined with the protective, solid, and comfortable platform, your tot will be safe wherever you go. 

Easy to fit and store 

Lascal’s website is more than just a platform for the brand. There you will find hundreds of in-depth video tutorials taking you through the step-by-step instructions for pretty much every pram on the market. You see, they are serious when they make the “fits 99%” claim! 


  • Bold, compact, stylish design
  • Universal fit 
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Safe, smooth ride 


  • Will bounce if you leave it on the ground when not in use
  • Taller users may have less walking space

Perhaps the bestselling BuggyBoard of all time, the Maxi continues to push the boundaries of design and never fails to live up to expectations! Universal, easy-fit connectors make this one of the most versatile BuggyBoards available. Throw in eye-catching designs and a comfortable ride for your tot, and you’ll never look at another ride-on platform again. 

Highly adaptable 

The universal connectors mean you can easily switch between any pram or stroller. So whether you own a Bugaboo Donkey or a compact egg stroller, nothing is stopping you from attaching your Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi to enhance your family day out. 

Anti-slip platform 

With the Maxi, you get an extra-wide anti-slip standing platform so that you don’t have to compromise on walking space. Combined with the large wheels and excellent suspension, your tot can feel safe and secure as you take on bumpy ground. 

All-round fun

Whizzing around the supermarket or “climbing” up the mountain is more fun for your tot when they get to do it nuzzled safely between your arms. They’ll get a kick out of “pushing” the pram and getting the added closeness to you on your travels. 


  • Highly adaptable and universal fit
  • Wide anti-slip platform
  • Easily switch different prams 
  • Eye-catching design 
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint 
  • Smooth ride on most terrains 


  • Pricier than other brands 
  • Add-on saddle not included 

The Next Level One: Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+

Now you’ve seen the classic ride-on platforms, which are a thrill to ride for any tot. But what about those times when even standing up is too much? 

In answer, the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+ has taken everything we love about the Maxi and added a saddle seat. Meaning more comfort, more flexibility and more fun for your growing family to enjoy on the go! 

Enhanced riding experience

Little legs can walk surprisingly far, but even the most hardy of tots need to sit down every once in a while. Unlike the Mini and the Maxi, this BuggyBoard features a saddle seat that gives your child something extra to hold on to and takes the weight off their feet in one go. This is one of our most recommended buggy board with seat.

Less hassle

The older your tot gets, the more of the world they will want to experience for themselves. And when there is the choice between sitting in the confines of a pram or wandering along the path solo, they are more likely to choose the ride-on platform option! 

You see, they get all the feeling of freedom but with the added security of feeling safe as they are closer to you. Suddenly the world seems less daunting, and you can get from A to B without the worry. 

Extra cost

With more perks comes a heftier price tag, but is it worth the extra expense? 

We certainly think so! The Maxi+ is the most versatile Lascal BuggyBoard of them all. You get all the lavish, stylish design combined with more comfort and safety for your growing family. And when you consider the cost of buying a new pram, the Maxi+ is a welcome alternative. 

Should you buy the Lascal Buggy Board?

Whichever Lascal model you go for, you won’t be let down by flimsy parts or unintelligible set-up instructions. Instead, you get a safe and reliable alternative to buying a new pram which adds more flexibility to how you move around with your children. 

Yes, the Lascal brand draws a more significant price tag. But, the payoff is too good to ignore. 

Double buggies and bulky, less reliable alternatives are off the menu. Instead, you get an innovative BuggyBoard that continues to push the boundaries of design and expectations. From developing the most comprehensive set-up instructions to redesigning the terrific suspension system, Lascal will transform any day out. 

Stand-out design and flexibility make Lascal the only brand you’ll ever want!  So if you’re looking for a groundbreaking ride-on platform, look no further.

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