Most Asked Questions About Buggy Boards

If you’ve just embarked on your search for the right buggy board for you and your family, you’ve probably discovered that it is no easy task. With hundreds of buggy boards on the market, with varying degrees of affordability and innovation, which one do you go for?

Starting with the most obvious questions will often lead you to make the best purchase. How old is your child? Will this buggy board support their weight? Can this buggy board attach to my pram, stroller or buggy? 

To help make your life easier, we’ve collected the most asked questions about buggy boards that we’ve been asked:

Why do I need a buggy board?

With a growing family, it often becomes harder to keep all your children happy at the same time – especially when you’re out and about. 

Having a buggy board allows your older child (up to approx 5 years old) to feel like they have somewhere safe to hop onto when they need reassurance in a crowded place or when they get tired. A buggy board also allows you all to move around as a family unit without the need for a double pushchair. 

What is a buggy board?

A buggy board is a platform that you can attach behind your pushchair, stroller or buggy for your child to stand on as you push both your children in front of you. 

Lascal were the first to bring the innovative BuggyBoard to the market, and for the last 20 years, other leaders in the industry have been creating their version of the classic ever since. An add-on accessory to your buggy, buggy boards have become an instant favourite with growing families across the board. 

Other versions of the traditional buggy board or ride-on platform are also available – such as the 2-in-1 scooter and board models, and the sit and ride on boards. 

Are all buggy boards compatible with any pushchair?

Across the buggy board market, there are many universally fitting ride-on platforms available. The Lascal brand offers a 99% guarantee that its various models are compatible with pushchair, buggy and stroller brands. Offering “Mini,” “Maxi” and “Maxi Plus” options, the Lascal is a good starting point for any future buggy board purchase. 

Beyond the Lascal, there are other universally fitting brands available. It’s always worth checking the product specifications though to be sure. 

The Bugaboo, for instance, offers the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board that is only compatible with the Chameleon, Chameleon3, Donkey, Donkey2, Bee+, Bee3 and Buffalo. An extra attachment is needed to secure it to any of these models. 

Are there different types of buggy boards?

Put simply, yes! Although there are hundreds of different buggy boards available to buy, they do tend to fall into the following three categories:

Stand-on Platform

The most traditional buggy board is the stand-on platform. Simply clicking on behind the pram, your little one can step onto the board as you push their younger sibling in front of you. 

Typically available as a mini or a maxi size, the stand-on board tends to be the most compact of the buggy boards available. With a range of stand-on buggy boards available, prices start from as little as £25.99.

You will also find a selection of pram systems that have integrated stand-on platforms included. 

2-in-1 Buggy Board

Innovative and fun, the 2-in-1 buggy board has revolutionised the way small children can travel. On the one hand, a scooter for your child to gain confidence and independence and then a stand-on ride along board on the other. The 2-in-1 buggy board, as a result, is an instant hit with parents across the globe. 

Adaptive Buggy Board

An instant hit and a top seller, the adaptive buggy board is essentially a stand-on platform that also has a small seat. Clipping onto the back of your pram, buggy or stroller, the adaptive buggy board offers a simple solution to converting a single buggy into a double. 

Younger children can also get in on the ride-along action, as some adaptive seats also offer a safety harness and comfortable arm and backrests too. You will find some adaptive buggy boards suitable from 6 months old, depending on your child’s mobility. 

Where can I buy a Buggy Board?

Most reputable pram and pushchair retailers will offer a range of buggy boards to suit your needs. If you already have a buggy board in mind or feel as though you have enough information, you can also buy your buggy board from a reputable online retailer, such as Amazon.

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