Are Buggy Boards Safe?

Safety is always at the forefront of most parent’s minds. 

Whether it is merely crossing the road, doing the weekly shop or getting in and out of the car, all parents think about their child’s movements in these moments. A buggy board should be no different.

Throw more than one child into the mix, and pushing the pram can become a nightmare. Fortunately, pram manufacturers have heard your cries and are revolutionising the buggy board as we speak. 

Buggy boards are a simple way of allowing toddler-sized children to ride along behind your newborn as you push both children in front of you. With boards ranging from standing, sitting, and even detachable scooters, buggy boards are an essential purchase for families. But are buggy boards safe? Here’s what we found out:

Know the differences

Buggy boards come in a range of sizes and types that aren’t suitable for all children—finding out which kind of board suits you and your child best will give you the peace of mind while strolling along. 

Considering which board is age-appropriate for your child will allow you to get the safest seat for your toddler. For instance:

  • The 2-in-1 board can act as a platform as well as a detachable scooter- allowing your child to ride alongside you or stand between your arms independently. 
  • Stand-on platforms are the most common buggy boards. Suitable for toddler-sized children who can hop on board when their feet get tired while standing in the security of your arms. 
  • Adaptive boards can convert from a stand-on platform to a small seat unit, that often has a safety harness attached for extra safety. 

Buggy boards also come in a variety of sizes. Maxi or mini versions have different weight bearings, so check with the manufacturer before purchasing. 

Is your child the right age to ride a buggy board?

Designed to attach to the back of your pram, a buggy board is perfect for tired toddlers. They will need to be able to stand up unaided. Depending on how long your walk is, your child may need to stand for an extended period of time as well as you push your newborn along.

Buggy boards are suitable for toddlers over the age of 2 years old and up. 

When your child experiences a buggy board for the first time, they may feel a bit nervous. Understandable when you think about how your child needs to adjust to the new experience and speed at which they can now move!

Be prepared for a backup plan

Standing up for long periods of time can make the best of us need a break, let alone your toddler! Being prepared for your older child to have a rest in the pram may be something you need to consider. 

Bringing a baby carrier or sling along with you just in case may make your journey more bearable. Especially if the school run soon becomes an epic journey! This will allow your toddler to chill while you and your newborn can enjoy a snuggle. 

Extra safety features

With anything you buy, there are extra safety features to be aware of – especially when it comes to your children. Some products come with additional features such as 5-point harnesses, armrests, backrests and handles. 

Most makes and models will have brand extras, as well as less expensive compatible products available. Look for the product specifications to see which products you can add to your buggy board. 

A welcome addition to the growing family, buggy boards are becoming a more essential purchase than ever. Knowing your child is safe while riding one doesn’t have to be a worry. Find the right buggy board for you and your toddler!