Can You Use A Buggy Board With A Carrycot?

Traditional buggy boards were made famous for their simplicity. Easy to attach by clipping onto the back of a buggy for your little one to hop on board when they get tired, nothing could be better and more convenient. You may wonder if you can use a buggy board with carrycot pushchairs? 

Fortunately, the pram industry heard your concerns and have come up with some ingenious designs to make your time out and about easy. So you can have your walk with your rested newborn and contented toddler at the same time! 

The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board

Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+ 85600WB01 BUY ON AMAZON UK

Let your little one travel in style on the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board. Easy to attach to all Bugaboo pushchair models, this compatible board allows your child to sit or stand at both of your convenience. 

Extra walking space is created by the ingenious flexibility of the Comfort Wheeled Board. No accidental board kicking as you can move the board left or right from the centre, giving you all the space you need.  

Make sure you buy the right adaptor to make the board compatible with your pushchair. 

Lascal Maxi Buggyboard

Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard, Compatible with 99% of Pushchairs, Extra Large Anti-Slip Platform, Red 2020 BUY ON AMAZON UK

From the creators of the original Buggyboard, you can find the mega-adaptable Lascal Maxi Buggyboard. With the additional help of Buggyboard arm extenders, the Lascal Maxi can be attached with minimal effort behind your carrycot. 

Your child will be able to stand comfortably between your arms when the pushchair is fully reclined or upright. Suitable from 2 – 6 years old, the Lascal Maxi is durable and convenient while your little ones grow. 

Tried and tested with all the top pushchair brands, the Lascal Maxi can be used with 99% of current models on the market. This includes Quinny, Bugaboo, iCandy and Maclaren. 

Quinny Hubb Hop-on Board

Quinny Hubb Hop-On Board for Quinny Hubb Pushchair, Perfect for Close-in-Age Siblings BUY ON AMAZON UK

Innovative and stylish, the Quinny Hubb Hop-on Board isn’t like the traditional buggy board. Working as a bench-like seat to attach to the extra-large shopping basket already part of the Quinny Hubb, it leaves you plenty of space to walk without the pram or your child getting in your way.

Made from bamboo and with a natural wood finish, you can set the trend with this Scandi-inspired accessory, all while keeping your child safe and settled during your walk. 

Integrated Buggyboards

The masterminds behind the iCandy Orange and the iCandy Lime have achieved one of the most adaptable pram systems in the world. Integrating a ride-on board into the design, you can buy a complete set-up without the worry of adaptors later on.

ICandy Orange Magma Pushchair and Carrycot Set, Magma BUY ON AMAZON UK

What’s more, the iCandy Orange and iCandy Lime is incredibly flexible and will allow over 30 unique ways for you to configure your set-up – including upgrading your system to a double or twin pushchair. Ideal for growing families. 

Icandy Lime Chrome Pushchair and Carrycot Bundle Ic2028, Lime BUY ON AMAZON UK

Knowing which buggy board is best for you

No-one knows their child like you. Finding the right board that makes your child feel safe, comfortable and at ease while travelling alongside their new sibling doesn’t have to be challenging.

With a wealth of buggy boards on the market, from the 2-in-1 combo to the traditional buggy board, there is the perfect one waiting for you and your family. 

As mentioned previously, some buggy boards – like the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board – will need an additional adaptor to work with the carrycot. 

Walking around with your young children in toe doesn’t need to be stressful! Which buggy board has caught your eye?