Best Buggy Boards With Seats

Are you finding it difficult to decide which buggy board with seat is best? In this buyer’s guide we help you decide.

Anyone with a growing family knows how challenging it can be to get from A to B with a toddler in tow. Everything from “Mummy I’m tired” to the classic wailing “no” is likely to have featured at some point in your daily routine. 

Fortunately, a buggy board with seat can quickly make your life easier by giving your child the rest and reassurance they need. Whether you’re doing the school run or are out and about, clipping a buggy board to your pram can make a world of difference. 

With all the pressures of parenthood, we’ve rounded up the best of 2022 buggy board with seat. So sit back, relax and take a look at what’s on offer:

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+ | Universal Buggy Board with Seat, Compatible with 99% of Pushchairs | Pram Accessory for Children from 2-6 Years | Black with Grey Saddle BUY ON AMAZON UK

There’s a reason why Lascal continues to dominate the buggy board scene with their smart, universal and user-friendly products, and their Maxi Plus model is no exception. 

Not only does the Maxi Plus fit more than 99% of pushchairs, but it allows your child to safely stand between your arms or comfortably sit as you travel. With extra onboard security, including a large anti-slip surface, side protection and a softly padded seat, your tot will love the ride! 

Featuring big wheels and a suspension system to tackle more challenging terrain, as well as a wide platform to make walking behind even more straightforward, this top-seller can’t be ignored. 


  • Fits more than 99% of pushchairs
  • Smart, user-friendly and lightweight, compact design
  • Onboard security features ensure a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Wide platform
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Simple disconnect or hook up behind stroller when not in use


  • Better for those with a bigger budget
  • Slightly cumbersome in the boot of a car

Babyzen YOYO Board

BABYZEN YOYO Board - Safe for Children Up to 20 kilograms (44 Pounds) - Requires YOYO2 Frame (Sold Separately) BUY ON AMAZON UK

Super simple to install, and with just one hand, a YOYO buggy board with a seat is easily attached to your stroller with a single-click connection. What’s more, the removable saddle seat allows your child to sit or stand while you carry on walking. 

When your little one is happy to walk, the YOYO board lifts up into two different space-saving storage positions. You won’t even know it’s there!


  • Simple installation with single-click connection
  • Removable saddle seat
  • Excellent build quality and materials 
  • Good value for money


  • The cumbersome design makes it tricky to walk behind the pram once installed
  • Handle isn’t adjustable

SEAAN Portable Kiddy Boards Pram Standing Board

Buggy Board with Seat, SEAAN Portable Kiddy Boards Pram Standing Board Safe Comfortable Pram Accessories Stroller Board for Kids(2-6 yrs, 25kg) BUY ON AMAZON UK

Whether you’re taking a stroll through the park or doing your weekly shop, the SEANN is a long-walk lifesaver. Not only can your child hop aboard when they’re feeling tired or need extra reassurance, but they can make full use of the comfortable seat.

Designed with an anti-skid pedal and universal wheels, this buggy board with seat won’t slow you down or get in your way as you push your small family along. 


  • Makes travel more convenient with compact design
  • Simple assembly and installation
  • Universal wheels and anti-skid pedal for peace of mind
  • Comfortable seat cushion 
  • Easy to disassemble or hook up when not in use


  • Can only connect to a horizontal axis
  • May struggle with slopes and rugged terrain

Queiting Buggy Board with Seat Standing Board

Queiting Buggy Board with Seat Standing Board Baby Jogger Travel Pram Pushchair Buggy Board Seat Connectors Strap Seat Removable and Assembling (Pink) BUY ON AMAZON UK

This brilliant buggy board with seat and standing board ticks a lot of your must-have boxes. Easy to install, able to take on challenging terrain without causing discomfort to your child and with an attractive price tag attached, there’s certainly a lot to like. 

Unlike others on this list, the Queiting is only suitable for strollers that have a horizontal axis. However, it’s a nifty piece of kit that will transform any journey for you and your child. Ideal for children aged 3 and up, your tot can sit safely on board as you go about your daily activities. 


  • Built-in suspension for a bump-free ride
  • Easy to install and fold away when not in use
  • Extra onboard security features such as ridges for traction
  • Comfortable seat and standing positions


  • Not universal to all pushchairs and strollers
  • Handle can’t be adjusted
  • Suffers on slopes

Easy X4 Rider Sit N Ride 4 Wheeled Universal Buggy Ride On Board with Seat & Steering Wheel

Easy X Rider Sit N Ride 2 Wheeled Rider Universal Buggy Ride On Board with Seat & Steering Wheel to fit All Pushchairs, Prams and Strollers - Hook Over Adapter BUY ON AMAZON UK

Your tot will feel super relaxed and safe as you push them from A to B in this clever piece of kit. Featuring an innovative 3 point safety harness and supported by four wheels, your child can sit safely between your arms as you push the pram. 

Matched with its solid and durable design, the Easy X4 Rider shines with its rainbow flashing back wheel lights to bring a smile to any face!


  • Compatible with most pushchair and stroller brands
  • Strong and practical design
  • 3 point safety harness
  • Easy to assemble and attach
  • Fits wheelchairs
  • Back wheels feature eye-catching rainbow flashing lights


  • Higher-end of the budget
  • Slightly cumbersome to walk behind
  • Struggles on rougher terrain such as bumpy roads

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus, Includes Saddle Seat

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Lascal’s second entry on this list, the Maxi Plus, features everything you would expect from the leading brand and more. Your child will reap all the benefits of the comfortable saddle seat for those days when even standing is too much and travel in style. 

With its large anti-slip platform, detachable saddle seat and super simple assembly, you’ll be ready for your next adventure within minutes. What’s more, the Maxi Plus boasts forward-thinking onboard security such as built-in suspension and anti-slip matting.


  • Easy to fit with zero tools required
  • Detachable saddle seat and can be easily folded away when not in use
  • Large anti-slip platform
  • Built-in suspension for the smoothest ride
  • Stylish, quality design that fits 99% of pushchairs/strollers
  • Online fitting guides and easy to follow instructions


  • Higher-end of the budget
  • Can limit walking space behind pram

KEMAX Universal Board with Seat

Buggy Board, KEMAX Universal Board with Seat Standing Board,Pram Accessory for Children from 2-7 Years (55LB),Toddlers Stroller Compatible Over 99% of Pushchairs, Black, 55*33*36CM, (LOP-245KJ) BUY ON AMAZON UK

Quick and easy to use, the KEMAX Universal Board with Seat gives you all the flexibility you need to support your growing family on the go. Your tot can choose to sit or stand safely between your arms as you push your pram or stroller. With the advanced velcro straps, you can attach this buggy board to pretty much any buggy. 

Fully adjustable and complete with a backrest, this is an excellent introduction to buggy boards without breaking the bank. 


  • Affordable 
  • Velcro strapping for easy set-up
  • Fully adjustable 
  • Dual purpose: sit or stand
  • No assembly required


  • Limited colour options 
  • Velcro straps won’t fit all pram frames 

Queiting Buggy Wheeled Board and Seat

Wheeled Board, Compatible with 99% of Pushchairs Queiting Buggy Seat Standing Baby Jogger Travel Pram Pushchair Connectors Removable Assembling On Platform (Blue, 13.65X10.14'') BUY ON AMAZON UK

When you’re on a budget, and you need a quick fix for all those moments when you are faced with a grumpy and overtired child, this buggy board with seat is worth a look. Perfect for children aged 3 and up, this brilliant board simply attaches to the back of your pushchair and offers a smooth ride. 

Yes, the build quality may not be on par with others in this list, but the practical design and almost universal appeal make for a good buy. 


  • Built-in suspension and comfortable ride
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Compatible with most pushchairs and easy to attach
  • Allows your child to feel secure whether sitting or standing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great distraction while on long walks


  • Requires horizontal axis to clip on to 
  • Not best build quality

Dhouse Buggy Board with seat

No products found. No products found.

The Dhouse Buggy Board with seat is a bestselling, budget-friendly ride-on platform that is taking the bestseller lists by storm. Like others on this list, it fits most prams and strollers to give you more flexibility when you’re on the go. 

Featuring a removable seat, your child can choose between sitting or standing safely behind the handlebars. Smaller than other buggy boards with seat, you’ll have plenty of legroom and no stress when you want to tuck it up out of the way. 


  • One of the cheapest universal buggy boards with seat on the market
  • Sit or stand option 
  • Easy setup and storage 
  • Smaller than other buggy boards 


  • Only has one supporting wheel 
  • Liable to tip over on some surfaces 
  • Non-adjustable 

Vihir Universal Buggy Board with Seat

Vihir Universal Buggy Board with Seat, Kiddy Board, Pram Accessory for Children from 2-6 Years (25 kg), Compatible with Almost Every Stroller and Pram, Black, with 2 pram Hooks BUY ON AMAZON UK

Straightforward and easy to assemble, the Vihir Universal Buggy Board is a good alternative when your budget is tight. Travelling around with an extra child in tow is made more straightforward as they can choose to sit or stand.

With its incredibly portable and flexible design, you won’t struggle to hang it up out of the way when not in use or remove the seat altogether. Plus, your child will benefit from the comfortable cushioned seat and stand safely and securely on the platform’s non-slip surface. 


  • Your child can sit or stand in comfort
  • Budget-friendly buggy board with seat
  • Easy and quick assembly 
  • Safe and secure non-slip platform 
  • Adjustable and detachable 


  • The seat can be tricky to remove 
  • Not as high quality as other brands 
  • Velcro strapping can be hard to attach 

Boama Toddlers Stroller Board

Tired toddlers can rest easy on this ergonomically designed buggy board with seat. Not only is there built-in suspension to make your little one’s ride smoother, but this compact board clips easily onto your stroller’s horizontal axis.

Despite not being universal to all prams, the Boama is an affordable solution that is easy to install and built to withstand various terrains. So whether your child feels more comfortable sitting or standing, comfort is guaranteed. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Strong, sturdy design
  • Bump free ride


  • Not universal to all strollers or prams
  • Over simple design

MorNon Buggy Board with Seat Standing Board

If your child likes to ride around like a queen, then the MorNon buggy board with seat and standing board will be a welcome addition to your stroller or pushchair setup. Like others on this list, the MorNon is easily clipped to the back of your pushchair, and away you go. 

Regardless of the terrain, the MorNon offers a bump-free stroll and can easily be pushed up out the way or detached when not in use. Suitable for children 3 years plus up to 20kg, the well-thought-out ridges for traction will ensure your child sits or stands safely while onboard. 


  • Super simple assembly and installation
  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable and sturdy design
  • Adaptable sitting and standing position


  • Not compatible with all pushchairs and strollers

TOPQSC Kiddy Board with seat Standing Board

Buggy Board, TOPQSC ​Kiddy Board with Seat Standing Board, Stable Two Wheel Design, Pram Accessories, Universal Buggy Board,Maximum Load 25kg BUY ON AMAZON UK

TOPQSC’s latest upgrade to their bestselling buggy board with seat features an improved cushioned seat, universal wheels and anti-skid pedals so that your little one can get the most out of their ride. 

With its incredibly convenient design, your child can sit or stand as you go about your daily activities. What’s more, it’s easy to assemble, attach and has a detachable seat to boot. Simply hook up out the way when not in use, and feel rest assured that your child can hop aboard when they’re feeling tired. 


  • Can fit 99% of strollers and pushchairs
  • Durable, anti-slip and anti-bump design for a smooth ride
  • Easy to install and attach 
  • Simple hook system when not in use and detachable seat
  • Practical and safe
  • Budget-friendly


  • Manual instructions are limited
  • Basic design and colours available

Are you ready to take your tot out for a spin on one of 2022’s best buggy board with seat? With the bonus seat option included, your next trip out is about to become so much easier!