Best Buggy Board for Silver Cross Zest

Best Buggy Board for Silver Cross Zest

Founded in the golden age of Victorian innovation, Silver Cross has continued to defy expectations and evolve with the times. With two centuries of craftsmanship and forward-thinking design under their belt, it’s no surprise that they have continued to capture the imaginations of children and parents alike. 

Finding the best buggy board to suit your Silver Cross Zest is no small task. You need to consider everything from comfort and security to budget and installation. 

To help make things easier, this guide will help you to choose from the best buggy boards around so that you know what to expect ahead of purchase: 

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi, Buggy Board for Pushchair with Large Standing Area, Pram Accessory for Children from 2-6 Years (22 kg), Compatible with Almost Every Stroller and pram. Black BUY ON AMAZON UK

From one iconic brand to another, the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi is the perfect match for your Silver Cross Zest stroller. The Maxi offers one of the safest, smoothest rides your tot could hope for. Combined with the non-slip wide platform to stand on, they’ll feel like a champion cruising behind their sibling as you push. 

When the buggy board is not in use, simply hook it up out of the way until your child needs it again. 

No matter where you go, the Maxi will ensure your child keeps their footing no matter how uneven the ground is. 


  • Universal Easy-Fit connectors 
  • Safe and secure non-slip platform 
  • Handles uneven ground for a smooth ride 
  • Easy to assemble and store 
  • Great in-depth assembly instructions online


  • Taller users may struggle with legroom 
  • Must follow assembly instructions 

SEANN Universal Buggy Board 

SEAAN Universal Buggy Board with Seat, Kiddy Board, Pram Standing Board with Stable Two Wheel Design, 360° Rotation Buggy Board fits 99% Baby Carriages (Black) for Children from 2-6 Years (25kg) BUY ON AMAZON UK

Affordable and easy to use, the SEANN Universal Buggy Board will make life on the go more simple with your Silver Cross Zest. With its portable and adjustable design, your tot can be riding safely on board within minutes. 

Your child can ride in comfort in either a seated or standing position. So no matter if you’re in a crowded area or simply out for a stroll, they can feel more relaxed in any situation. 


  • Simple assembly
  • Affordable 
  • Convenient, comfortable seat
  • Adjustable height and length 
  • Safe anti-skid pedal 


  • Attached with heavy velcro straps 
  • May struggle on slopped or carpeted surfaces 
  • Wheels may get stuck after a while 

Lascal Maxi Plus 

Lascal Maxi Plus/Black BuggyBoard Plus Grey Saddle BUY ON AMAZON UK

If compromise on quality and style isn’t an option, the Lascal Maxi Plus is a good choice for those who want a more flexible ride-on platform. Simply use the Easy-Fit universal connector to attach the Maxi Plus to the back of your Silver Cross Zest, and your tot can climb onboard. 

What stands out most with the Maxi Plus is the handled saddle seat. So whether your child is sitting or standing, they can hold on tight for extra security. 

Adaptable, versatile and smooth, your child will feel safe and secure throughout the day. 


  • Saddle seat and standing option 
  • Universal Easy-fit connector
  • Smooth ride 
  • Adaptable and versatile design 
  • Easy to install and detach 


  • Higher-end of the budget 
  • Can be cumbersome if you forget to hang it up out of the way 

KEMAX Universal Board

Buggy Board, KEMAX Universal Board with Seat Standing Board,Pram Accessory for Children from 2-7 Years (55LB),Toddlers Stroller Compatible Over 99% of Pushchairs, Black, 55*33*36CM, (LOP-245KJ) BUY ON AMAZON UK

Another budget-friendly brand, the KEMAX Universal Board, offers all the support and comfort your child could want. 

Simple to connect with the advanced Velcro straps, set up takes minimal time and effort. What’s more, your child can sit back and relax on the comfortable backrest or stand up when they want to explore the world with you on the go. 

Fully adjustable and easy to use, you can’t go too wrong with a KEMAX attached to your Silver Cross Zest! 


  • Perfect for those on a budget 
  • Simple installation 
  • Safe and stable ride 
  • Kids can sot or stand comfortably 


  • Velcro straps can be challenging 
  • Struggles on slopes and carpets 

Lascal BuggyBoard Mini 3D

Lascal BuggyBoard Mini 3D | Universal Buggy Board, Compatible with 99% of Pushchairs | Pram Accessory for Children from 2-6 Years | Grey BUY ON AMAZON UK

Another bestseller from Lascal, the BuggyBoard Mini 3D ticks all the practical and on-trend boxes. The universal Easy-fit connectors mean you can have your board set up with your Silver Cross Zest and ready to go within minutes. 

You get all the perks you’d expect from the Mini 3D, such as a smooth ride, comfortable and secure standing position and excellent customer service. Combined with the 3D non-slip platform, your child will love the thrill of getting onboard. So if it’s convenience you’re looking for, this is the buggy board for you. 


  • Excellent quality and versatile design
  • Simple set up 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Secure, safe and smooth ride
  • Compact and easy to use


  • Taller users may have limited legroom 
  • Must follow instructions for a perfect fit 

ETmate Universal Buggy Board

Super convenient and easy to use, the ETmate Universal Buggy Board is another wallet-friendly accessory. It’s easy to attach to the back of your Silver Cross Zest and allows your child to sit or stand depending on their mood at the time. 

Suitable for children aged 2-6 years, the ETmate grows with your family. When not in use, you can tuck the board out of the way and unclip it within seconds when you suddenly need it again. 


  • Won’t break the bank
  • Easy to attach and use
  • Child can sit or stand comfortably 
  • Fairly adjustable 
  • Smooth ride 


  • Quality is not as good as other brands available 
  • May struggle on slopes and carpets 
  • Limited legroom 

Dhouse Buggy Board

If you’re looking for a decent, budget-friendly buggy board for your Silver Cross Zest, then this bestselling ride-on platform is well worth a look. With its compact and versatile design, your child can choose to sit or stand in comfort as they ride along with you. 

Featuring a removable seat, swivel wheels and a non-slip, stable platform, the Dhouse Buggy Board transforms on-the-go travel with your tot. 


  • A suitable alternative to pricier brands 
  • Comfortable sitting or standing position 
  • Easy to use and instal 
  • Useful storage belt 


  • May struggle on sloped or carpeted surfaces 
  • Limited adjustability 
  • The seat is low to the ground 

Are you ready to take your Silver Cross Zest to the next level? With the right buggy board in tow, your growing family will have a much easier time getting from A to B. Which one will you choose?