Cosatto giggle 3 stroller review

Cosatto giggle 3 stroller review

The challenge of finding the right stroller for our family has been a long one. We’ve spent many hours dropped at various friend’s houses, pushing an old, overgrown or broken stroller up and down the sidewalk.

At first we thought maybe it was just a phase we would eventually outgrow but as time went on and each new stroller failed to meet the demands of our family…we were forced to look at other options.

The final straw came when my husband pushed one around the house in the hopes that it would somehow magically morph into a good stroller. Yup…smh! It was then that we realized that until we found something that worked for us there was no such thing as “the perfect stroller” so much as there were only different types with different features, designs and prices.

It took a while but now here we are back in business – with six different strollers under our belt and ready to tackle whatever comes our way!

Cosatto Giggle 3 in 1 Features and Specifications

The Cosatto Giggle 3 in 1 is a lightweight, compact stroller that will only take up a little over half the space of an umbrella stroller. It features a large basket under the seat and a folding mechanism that allows for easy storage.

Another great feature of this stroller is its safety harness to ensure your children are secure while they’re in the stroller.

The Giggle 3 can hold children up to 50 pounds, which makes it suitable for kids of all ages. The baby car seat adapter is also compatible with most major brands like Maxi Cosi, Chicco and Graco so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a new one when switching from an infant carrier to the Cosatto Giggle 3.

When it comes to design, the Giggle 3 has an adorable bow detail on both sides of the handle bars making it easy for parents to find their child at any given time! This stroller has a lot of useful features that make it perfect for families on the go!

Cosatto Giggle 3 in 1 Pros and cons

Pros: * 3-in-1 – multiple uses in one stroller * Has a parent console with adjustable cup holders and storage for snacks * Extra storage for items like your diaper bag, lap blanket, and shopping bags *

The seat reclines to three different positions – upright, semi-recline, and fully recline. * Recline is easy to do. This stroller has the option of using a foot pedal on the left side of the handlebar or a button on the handlebars Cons: * Some users have reported that this stroller is really heavy, weighing around 27lbs. The weight may be due to the fact that it has an aluminum frame.

The 2019 version has been slightly redesigned to lighten up some parts as well as carrying less weight. * Seat does not have interchangeable covers so you will have to buy a new set from Cosatto if you want another color scheme or pattern.

Additionally, all covers are not machine washable which could be inconvenient depending on how often you typically have the seat cleaned *The seat fabric is made from 100% cotton but you may find that it can get dirty quickly because of its design and material.

Additional accessories available for purchase include a cup holder installation kit for £14.99, snack tray installation kit for £24.99, and travel tray (fits below seat) installation kit for £34.99.

What is Cosatto Giggle 3 in 1?

The Giggle 3 is a lightweight, foldable and easy-to-store stroller that is suitable for infants from birth to 18 months. It features an ergonomic design and super comfy suspension seat with multi-position recline. It’s also great for outdoor adventures thanks to its all-wheel suspension. This buggy was found to be the perfect solution for our family – so much so in fact that we were able to give it as a gift!

What’s it like to push the Giggle 3?

The Cosatto Giggle 3 stroller is a joy to push. It’s light and maneuverable, which means it doesn’t take up much space in the car and says goodbye to those hours spent hauling your baby around store aisles looking for the perfect stroller.

It also folds easily with one hand, so if you live in a small place or have a smaller vehicle then you are good to go! The fabric covered seats are supportive and the canopy is large enough to give your child plenty of protection from the sun without being too hot.

The canopies on this stroller open upwards, which protects your child from falling into the wheel well. The under-basket storage is great for when they aren’t in use but you also have mesh pockets that allow quick access to their favorite toys/snacks. And speaking of snacks, there’s an easy snack tray with lots of room for all their things…and more!

This stroller has many features that make it stand out from other options out there – making it worth every penny!

Is the seat comfortable?

The Cosatto Giggle 3 is a great stroller with a lot of features. One feature that I really liked was the seat. The seat has a cushioned, removable and washable fabric, plus it can be adjusted to different heights and angles.

The best part is that it’s detachable so when one child becomes too tired or their legs are too long for the ride you can swap out the seats without having to take them apart completely!

Is it easy to fold and store?

This is a fundamental question when shopping for a stroller. In this department, the Cosatto giggle 3 stroller really shines. It’s easy to fold and store, so you can keep it in the car or at your door without any hassle.

Once folded, it can fit into most closets or inside the trunk of your car with ease! And what makes this even better is that because its design is so compact, it doesn’t take up much space. It’s also worth noting that the wheels are completely lockable for safety purposes – meaning no more worrying about your little one going rolling off down the street!

There are also multiple height options available – making it perfect for older kids who need higher seats while they’re still small or younger kids who need lower seats while they’re still too tall.

The dimensions of this stroller are quite impressive as well, with a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds and a handle length at just over 38 inches. If you want something stylish and easy to use that will last through many years of adventures then look no further than the Cosatto giggle 3 stroller!

Is there anything I should watch out for?

There are some things to watch out for when searching for the perfect stroller. For a start, you should always test drive any stroller before buying it. It is important to know if the stroller will work well with your car and also if it provides enough support for your child.

You might need to consider how much space you want your stroller to take up as well. A lightweight, compact city-friendly option would be great for someone living in a small apartment or studio but not for those who have lots of living room to work with on a daily basis.

And lastly, you should also pay attention to what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers when making your purchase decision.

Is there anything else I should know?

When shopping for a stroller it is important to consider the size of your family, the age of your children and how much you are willing to spend. You’ll also want to think about whether you want a front or back facing stroller, single or double, lightweight or heavy duty and which materials you would like your stroller to be made out of.

Another thing that can make a difference is the type of suspension system used in your stroller. A few different types of suspension systems include: front wheel suspension, front-only suspension and full-frame suspension.

Should I buy it?

If you’re in the market for a new stroller, I highly recommend considering a Cosatto Giggle 3. It features an easy to use push handle and reversible seat which allows you to take baby from rear-facing to forward facing with ease.

The stroller also has a carry handle at the top of the back frame and is durable enough to be used as a single stroller or as part of a tandem set. Best of all, it’s lightweight (just 15 kilograms) so it’s super easy to maneuver around the park!