Best pushchairs, buggies and strollers for your baby or toddler in 2022

There are so many different types of pushchairs, buggies and strollers on the market, but which one is the best for your baby or toddler? To help make your decision easier, we have put together a list of the best options for 2022. Whether you are looking for a traditional pushchair, a jogging stroller or something more specialised, we have got you covered.

You’ve probably wondered what features you should look for in a pushchair or buggy. We’ve compiled a list of the best strollers and buggies for your baby and toddler, along with their pros and cons. Read on to learn more!

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How to pick the best stroller for your toddler

When it comes to choosing a stroller, the prices range from under £100 to more than £1,000. When deciding on the budget, consider what features you want in a stroller and what you don’t need. Generally, a reputable brand will meet safety standards in your country. Although spending more money might give you more bells and whistles, the extra cash may not make your baby or toddler any safer.

Think about the lifestyle of your family. Will you be using your stroller on a daily basis? If so, consider the type of surfaces your stroller will handle. Will you use it primarily indoors or outdoors? Are you expecting more children in the future? If so, consider the size of the basket, as well as your budget. If you’re planning on moving around a lot, consider purchasing a convertible stroller.

What to look for when picking a stroller

When you’re looking for a stroller, there are several things to consider. The first is the type of wheels it has. Look for ones that have rubber tires and large spoked wheels. This makes it easier to navigate around obstacles like grass, sand, and gravel. Next, choose a stroller with an adjustable handlebar so you can adjust the height of the seat at any time. Finally look at the canopy because this will help keep your baby warm in cold weather without having to buy another stroller cover later on down the road.

If you’re planning to move around a lot, you might consider an all-terrain stroller for your baby or toddler. You may also want to look into convertible strollers or double strollers if you plan to travel. Choose one that is easy to fold and maneuver. Also, choose one that is versatile enough to accommodate different car seats, such as infant seats or convertible car seats.

Double front wheels are important for stability and absorb shock, creating a smoother ride. They also make it easier to adjust the sunshade for maximum shade protection. A swivel front wheel is also a great feature for regular use. You can choose to purchase additional accessories, including car seat adapters, snack trays, and weather shields. And if you’re planning on taking your toddler on long walks, you’ll appreciate a jogging stroller that includes a footrest, cup holder, and storage for diapers and baby items.

While most strollers come with a foot brake, jogging strollers also have air-filled tires and shock-absorbing suspension systems. Moreover, jogging strollers have extra-large tires that lock for better stability when running. All strollers are made of similar components, but some models may have additional features, such as an adjustable footrest and a seatbelt. Some models even have a telescoping handlebar, which can accommodate different heights. Lastly, the basket should be large enough to fit a purse or diaper bag, as hanging them from the handlebar is unsafe.

What to look for when picking a buggy

While choosing the right buggy for your family can be a difficult task, there are a few things to consider. First, consider the size of your car’s boot. If you have limited space, you may want a compact or slimline buggy. Also, consider the terrain you’ll be using the buggy on, and whether the doorways are large enough to fit the buggy. Lastly, choose a model that is easy to push and maneuver.

Size: Although weight isn’t as important as size, the width of a buggy should be considered. A lightweight and compact buggy is important if you will be taking your buggy on public transportation. If you want to store it permanently in your car’s boot, choose a smaller model. If you plan to use it primarily on grass and sand, choose one with big wheels. Runners should choose a three-wheeled buggy with big tyres so they can maneuver it with one hand.

Car seats are a must when you plan on travelling with your baby. Some of the best buggy systems also include a car seat capsule, which can be fixed to the buggy frame. This is a handy option if you plan to move your sleeping baby around the house. The size of your car boot will also determine which type of buggy you need. A small car boot will require a compact buggy, while a large boot will require a larger one.

How to pick the best pushchair for your baby

When buying a pushchair, you should consider what size you need for your baby or toddler. You can either choose one that is large enough to accommodate your toddler comfortably or a small one that is easy to fold and load into the boot of your car. If you have a large space, consider purchasing a large crib. But if you only need a pushchair for city travel, a small one will be easier to transport.

What to look for when picking a pushchair

If you’re picking a pushchair for a new baby, there are a few things to keep in mind. Many pushchairs feature air-filled tyres for tougher terrain, but these can be difficult to repair if punctures happen. Instead, look for solid wheels. A few new models have lockable swivel front wheels, which give them a smoother ride.

A modern, sleek single pushchair is a desirable feature. Whether you’re looking for a pram that will last your child for many years or one that will transform into a double buggy as your child grows older, there are plenty of stylish options on the market today.

Another thing to look for in a pushchair is comfort. A large seat is important for keeping your child comfortable, but a small basket might be difficult to open for a tired parent. Check the basket’s access. If it’s easy to reach, it’s a good choice.

Best pushchairs, buggies and strollers for your baby or toddler in 2022 list

The following pushchairs, buggies and strollers are the best on the market. You can choose any of them depending on your needs.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Pushchair

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Pushchair | Lightweight, Foldable Stroller | Opulent Black BUY ON AMAZON UK

The City Mini GT2 All-Terrain pushchair from Baby Jogger is a heavyweight pushchair that’s easy to maneuver. The all-wheel suspension and “forever air” tyres ensure the City Mini GT2 pushchair glides smoothly over any terrain. It’s also compatible with most infant car seats. The City Mini GT2 is an excellent choice for family outings in both the city and suburbs. The City Mini GT2’s all-terrain wheels, adjustable handlebar, and extra-padded seats provide smooth gliding motions, and the compact size means it won’t take up much space in your trunk.

Another great feature of the City Mini GT is its canopy, which provides shade. The canopy extends almost to the knees. The 3-wheel design means that this stroller can handle uneven terrain. In addition, it has 8.5-inch all-terrain tires and front wheel suspension. While a pushchair may be a good choice for sidewalks, it’s not ideal for workouts.

Despite being cheaper than the City Mini, the GT2 offers slightly-below-average quality for its price. While its fabric is softer than the old GT, it’s lacking in features that more expensive strollers have. The only major negative is the absence of a foot prop and toggle seat recline. In addition, the City Mini GT2 is slightly taller than its predecessor, the Baby Jogger GT2. The GT2 is 6.5 cm higher than the Mini, and weighs a bit more than its smaller cousin, the GT2.


The most notable con of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-terrain pushchair is that the baby carrier is not included. Both models feature a large under-seat storage basket that is hard to access, but comes with an adjustable calf support. The hood offers UPF 50 sun protection, and is large enough for a newborn. The City Mini GT also features a reclining seat for two parents, making it a versatile option.

The City Mini GT2 All-Terrain has improved capabilities over the original City Mini GT, allowing it to handle a variety of terrains. Its front wheels are larger than those of the old GT and 8.5-inch all-terrain tires offer a smoother ride. It also has adjustable handlebars and a brake that is conveniently located on the side of the handlebar. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is ideal for urban and active parents. The City Mini GT2 is not suitable for sandy beaches and bumpy wood trails, so parents should be aware of this.

Is Baby Jogger Mini GT2 Pushchair right for you?

This all-terrain pushchair features a large canopy with two peephole windows. Its all-wheel suspension and “forever air” tyres make it easy to maneuver over rough surfaces. The wheels are made of rubber and foam to absorb bumps and bumpy surfaces. The compact standing fold is easy to use and secures the pushchair for travel.

The under-seat storage basket is easy to access, thanks to an adjustable calf support and a storage bar in front. However, this storage basket isn’t the largest, so larger items will not fit comfortably. The GT2’s calf support has been revised to make it easier to access. It looks similar to the Britax B-Agile, but Britax has stolen Baby Jogger’s designs.

The car seat is comfortable for your child, and features an adjustable leg rest. The seat can be adjusted from fully upright to nearly flat, and the harness can be locked in place with a gray button. For long walks, the GT2’s integrated storage pocket makes it easy to access your drinks and snacks. A belly bar provides a comfortable place for your baby to hold on and is also useful for preventing your child from falling out.


iCandy Lime Lifestyle Pushchair and Carrycot Bundle

iCandy Lime Lifestyle Pushchair & Carrycot with Bag & Footmuff Charcoal BUY ON AMAZON UK

The iCandy Lime Lifestyle Pushchair and Carrycot Bundle offers an array of excellent features. Its 381 components boast trademark quality. Its design and integrated ride on board are both functional and attractive. It comes with two-way adjustable reclining seat backs and a carry strap for convenience. The iCandy Lime Plus pushchair comes with a matching changing bag and Duo Pod footmuff.

The Lime’s lightweight aluminium frame provides a smooth push with an ultra-soft velour lining. Its revolutionary puncture proof ERP tyres keep it moving along. The Lime’s Carryall changing bag matches its pushchair’s design, and comes with easy-access bottle holders and a padded changing mat.

The Lime tricycle provides a comfortable ride, even for your toddler. It features an integrated ride-on board and can accommodate babies from birth to 25kg. It also includes car seat adaptors so you can safely travel with your family. There’s no need to sacrifice style for functionality with this pushchair. The iCandy Lime is versatile, stylish, and dependable. It’s a stylish and versatile travel system for your baby and the entire family.

The iCandy Lime can be configured for front or parent-facing travel. It comes with a matching changing bag and a baby car seat adapter. The carrycot’s apron is removable and can be used with compatible car seats. There are also some features that aren’t included in the pushchair but are included in the bundle.

Comfort and features

The iCandy Lime Lifestyle is a combination of pushchair and carrycot that features a plush ride for your little one. The Lime is suitable for a baby from birth to 25kg and is equipped with an integrated toddler ride-on board. Parents will appreciate its flexibility and convenience. The bundle also includes car seat adaptors and a raincover, so you can take it anywhere you go.

The iCandy Lime has a large canopy with UPF 50+ protection. The canopy also has a peek-a-boo window and ventilation mesh system. It attaches to the frame via adapters. You can adjust the canopy’s height, and it is compatible with a variety of car seats. However, some parents found that the canopy is too low near the seat unit.

The iCandy Lime Lifestyle has 381 separate components that make it an incredibly versatile travel system. Its seat is adjustable and includes a seat belt that can be adjusted to fit your child’s height. Added to that, the iCandy Lime Lifestyle pushchair comes with a matching changing bag.

The iCandy Lime also comes with a travel system and a travel cot. The Lime is lightweight and folds easily, and is a versatile stroller that’s ideal for a variety of lifestyles. It features an integrated ride-on board, a matching Carryall changing bag, and the option to keep both parents facing the child.

Value for money

The iCandy Lime Lifestyle Pushchair and Carrycot Bundle is a fantastic value for money option. The carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping, and the pushchair has a seat elevator so you can use it as a highchair. Both the carrycot and pushchair have a large storage basket and padded changing mats.

The iCandy Lime Lifestyle is a multi-functional compact fold travel system that is ideal for urban parents who love the lightweight, compact nature of a city stroller. Its stylish fabrics are soft and comfortable to touch and are complemented by the iCandy Phantom chassis for excellent stability and handling. Choosing between Navy and Charcoal, this travel system has enough features to meet the needs of all parents.

The iCandy Lime Lifestyle Pushchair is also more affordable than the Peach. Its price is more affordable than the Peach, but it lacks the extra features that the Peach provides. For example, the Peach comes with four different colours, while the Lime Lifestyle comes with eight. Lime, as you would expect, is made of thicker fabrics than its counterpart.

Reasons to buy

The iCandy Lime lifestyle pushchair and carrycot bundle is a great way to get a high-quality travel system at a great price. The pushchair is multifunctional and can accommodate babies from birth to 25 kg. It features an integrated ride-on board and TotalFold folding system for compact and easy storage. It can be configured to be either world or parent-facing, and has an integrated ride-on board for extra stability and safety.

The iCandy Lime features a fleece-lined bassinet, making it suitable for overnight sleeping. It comes with attachments for car seats and a raised seat for your child to reach the dining table. This stroller is easy to push and nips along nicely. The Lime comes with an umbrella, raincover, and a changing bag. The iCandy Lime is available in two frames, plus one for newborns.

The Peach travel system has two different styles, with the Peach having deeper carrycot and seat. It has swivel lockable wheels and a seat unit with legrests. Both models are remarkably easy to fold, and both come with similar accessories. Unlike the Peach travel system, which is prone to ripping, the Lime lifestyle has softer fabric and a smaller design, making it an easier option for parents who want to carry a pushchair with them wherever they go.

Reasons to avoid

The iCandy Lime Lifestyle Push-chair and Carrycot Bundle has a number of great features that parents will love. The 381 component quality is a hallmark of the iCandy brand. The seat unit can be raised to a comfortable height to make it easier for the child to reach the dining table, and the push-chair itself is easy to push. The Lime’s seat converts to a highchair when in world-facing mode.

The iCandy Lime has a huge canopy with UPF50+ sun protection. It also features a peek-a-boo window and a ventilation mesh system. The canopy can be adjusted to fit most car seats, and the iCandy Lime pushchair and carrycot bundle includes a matching changing bag and adaptors for a car seat. However, some parents have complained that the canopy is too low near the seat unit.

The iCandy Lime and iCandy Vista offer the same features, but they are slightly different in design. The Vista has more colours and can be converted into a double stroller, but the Icandy Lime has a more compact fold and is lighter. Both models weigh about 12kg, but the Icandy Lime is 1.8kg lighter. The iCandy Lime and iCandy Vista are equally good, though they have different appeals. While both can be used for a variety of lifestyles, the Icandy Lime is ideal for many different circumstances. Its lightweight design, excellent seat unit and wheels make it convenient for travel. It also has a basket for convenience. The pushchair can be carried with just one hand,


The iCandy Lime Lifestyle Push-chair and Carrycot Bundle is a multi-award winning travel system for babies from birth to 25kg, complete with integrated Ride-on Board and spacious fleece-lined carrycot. The versatile carrycot can also be used as a moses basket or travel cot. You can carry your baby in the Lime by shoulder, hand-held or backpack.

The pushchair and carrycot are easy to use, thanks to a zip-open storage pouch at the rear of the seat. Both the pushchair and carrycot clip onto the same metal frame, making them easy to fold and transport. Moreover, both carrycots and pushchairs come with a nifty carrying case, which you can wear as a backpack or handbag. The carrying case is made of animal-conscious faux leather and features the iCandy signature chrome hardware. The interior of the bag contains four large elasticated pockets and a padded changing mat. Furthermore, the Lime can accommodate a 15-inch laptop.

The iCandy Lime Lifestyle is one of the newest models to hit the market. It oozes style, and it’s built to serve parents well. With its compact design and premium fabrics, this pushchair and carrycot bundle could become the style leader in 2022.


Britax B-Agile M Stroller Pushchair

Britax Römer Strider M Pushchair, with Foam Filled Wheels and Large Storage Basket, Baby from Birth to 22kg (4 Years of Age), Elephant Grey BUY ON AMAZON UK

If you want to take your baby on a trip without a big fuss, the Britax Rmer B-Agile 3 Stroller Pushchair is an excellent choice. Its easy-fold system and canopy make it a practical travel system. And thanks to its lockable swivel wheels, it’s easy to store as well.

The Britax B-Agile M has a large canopy and an extra-large peek-a-boo window, which keeps your child cool and lets you keep an eye on them. The canopy also provides ample sun protection and comes with a velcro strap for easy removal, even on warm days. The apron is removable, which helps prevent your child from getting too hot while you’re walking. The canopy also features reflective accents, which improve visibility in low-lit areas.

The frame is also compatible with the Britax Soft Carrycot, which means that your child can use it to feed themselves. The Britax B-Agile’s seat is not adjustable, but it’s high enough to accommodate tall adults without compromising comfort. You can also purchase extra accessories like the Britax Pushchair Organiser, which make this stroller even better. The Britax Rmer B-Agile M Stroller Pushchair comes with a 2 year Manufacturers Warranty, which applies to the frame and components, excluding any polystyrene inserts.


The Britax B-Agile 4 is a member of the Britax B-named pushchair series. It is very lightweight and fits well into the category of lightweight strollers. The pushchair is easy to fold and has an extensive list of features. It is especially convenient to use in a car, as it can be pushed with one hand. It is not suitable for children under five years old.

The B-Agile features a slim design, which is ideal for everyday trips. It also features a one-handed fold and a padded lie-flat seat. Although the B-Agile weighs slightly more than the BJCM, both models have a large number of features. The B-Agile features a storage basket on the bottom part of the chassis.

Design and features

If you are looking for a stylish stroller for your baby, the Britax Romer B-Agile M Stroller is a great option. This stylish stroller features a melange design and is easily foldable with just one hand. Other features include an armrest bar and rain-bubble. The pushchair also has a cup holder. With an external width of 55.5 cm, this stroller is compact enough to fit in the trunk of many cars.

The B-Agile M has a 5-point harness system and a protective chest pad to protect your child. The canopy offers UPF 50+ protection and a sun visor. The pushchair is also equipped with lockable swivel wheels and a padded handle for easy transport. The seat is compatible with the Britax CLICK & GO infant car seat receivers.

Value for money

The B-Agile M is a new model from the Britax brand for 2019. It is an upgraded version of the popular urban B-Agile series. Its design is sleek and minimalist, and its one-tone fabrics are designed in a melange pattern. The B-Agile M has a weight capacity of 22 kg and features a shock-absorbing suspension system. It also features thick foam wheels with a tire profile. It has a spacious shopping basket located at the lower part of the chassis.

The B-Lively is a more expensive model, but it is more durable. It features an aluminum frame, which means it will last longer. It is also more lightweight and convenient to fold. If you are concerned about space, it will fit in many cars. In addition, it is easy to use, with a large canopy to keep your child comfortable.


Baby Jogger City Elite 2 All-Terrain Pushchair

Baby Jogger City Elite 2 All-Terrain Pushchair | Foldable, Portable Stroller | Slate (Grey) BUY ON AMAZON UK

When it comes to folding portable strollers, the Baby Jogger City Elite 2 stands out for several reasons. It has a newborn-ready recline, and it can fit a bassinet or capsule. It even comes with adapters for the Baby Jogger City Go Capsule, making it a multi-use stroller. This stroller also has one of the tallest seats on the market, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 34 kg. Many parents will use this stroller for several years, even until their children have outgrown it.

Reasons to buy

Whether you’re traveling on foot, a bike, or taking your infant on a family adventure, the City Elite 2 All-Terrain Pushschair is a great choice. Its innovative design and sturdy build ensure maximum comfort for your baby while providing convenience and ease of handling for you. The City Elite 2 is ideal for newborns through toddlers, and its carrycot can be converted to a stroller when your child is older. The City Elite also has a calf support feature that can keep your child safe and secure on rough terrain.

The City Elite offers superior comfort, with its dual-reclining padded seats. Adjustable with one hand, the seats offer two different positions for comfort and relaxation. The City Elite’s padded seat is highly breathable and provides good protection from sun and rain. It also includes two large peepholes for increased visibility. If your child grows a lot, you can purchase a larger seat if you need to.


While we love the style and versatility of the Baby Jogger City Elite 2, we’ve found ourselves wanting something a little bit smaller. The City Mini GT is a great option if you’re on a budget but still want to provide your baby with a comfortable and secure ride. Its large canopy can be used to keep your baby shaded while you’re out and about and extends to your knees. The foldable, portable stroller also comes with a parent console and glider board.

The City Elite 2 has great suspension and is easy to push. It has three large, puncture-free wheels and handles uneven terrain and deep snow easily. Its spacious seat unit offers a full lying position and adjustable foot support, making it a comfortable place for your child to rest. Cons: The City Elite 2 is not ideal for urban environments or small apartments. Its price can drive you crazy, but it is a great buy if you plan on using it a lot.

Design and features

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2 All-Terrain Pushchair is a modernised version of the original City Elite three-wheel stroller. It is suitable for up to 22kg baby and has all-wheel suspension for smooth riding over rough terrain. Its front wheel features a swivel lock for added safety. Its large, breakdown-proof tyres glide over rough surfaces smoothly. It features a height-adjustable push bar and a hand-operated parking brake for a smooth ride. Folding is also simple, thanks to the one-hand folding system and auto-locking mechanism.

The City Elite 2 All-Terrain Push Chair has many great features to keep your child happy while on the go. The canopy offers good shade and extends up to your knees. Its three-wheel design features 8.5-inch all-terrain tires and suspension at the front wheel. The canopy can also be adjusted in height, allowing you to find the perfect position for your child. The City Elite 2 has an adjustable handlebar and is compatible with Baby Jogger infant car seat adapters. It also features a parent console and glider board.

Value for money

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2 All-Terrain Pushchair offers maximum flexibility and comfort for the little one. It features a large break-proof tyres that run smoothly on any surface. Its patented one-hand folding mechanism makes it easy to fold and store in the boot of your car. A height-adjustable push bar and side parking brake make it even easier to handle.

The Baby Jogger City Elite 2 All-Terrain Pushchair is one of the more expensive models available. However, it offers more features than many of its rivals. For instance, it comes with a carrycot and adapters for different car seats. Its padded mattress pad can be machine-washed. It also offers UPF 50 sun protection and is suitable for overnight sleeping.


Cosatto Giggle 3 Pram and Pushchair From Birth to 18kg Lightweight Compact Flat-Fold

Cosatto Giggle 3 in 1 Travel System, Birth to 18kg, Pram, Pushchair, Carrycot & Hold 0+ Car Seat, Lightweight, Compact & Easy Fold Includes Free Raincover (Kaleidoscope) BUY ON AMAZON UK

The Cosatto Giggle 3 is a lightweight, compact flat-fold pushchair that can accommodate newborns up to 18kg. It features a cosy carrycot, a seat unit that reclines at four positions, a removable bumper bar, and an all-round premium suspension. The Giggle 3 also has a parent-facing option.

The Cosatto Giggle 3 pram and pushchair is a lightweight, compact flat-fold stroller that is built for comfort and style. The carrycot and main seat unit are reversible, and you can easily convert the carrycot to a car seat. The carrycot and seat unit are machine washable.

When folded, the Giggle is 97cm x 25cm x 60cm. When unfolded, it measures just over 60cm x 25cm. The front wheels fold toward the front of the basket, which means that they are easy to clean. The Cosatto Giggle 3 is lightweight and compact, making it easy to use on public transport.


If you’re looking for a cheap pram and pushchair, consider the Cosatto Giggle 3. It’s packed with features and comes in single and bundle modes. The pram’s seat unit and accessories can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of sizes. You’ll love the multi-colour patterns, and the pushchair’s lightweight design makes it easy to fold up and store.

The Giggle 3 pushchair has premium detailing and a smooth ride. It also features a reversible pushchair seat unit and a deep padded carrycot mattress that can be used as an occasional sleeping place. The pushchair has a quick-release chassis for easier cleaning and storage, and its plush carrycot offers multiple recline positions. The set also includes a Hold Group 0+ car seat and rain cover, for added protection against rain and other elements.

The Cosatto Giggle 3 Pram and Pushchair From Birth to 18kg is compact, lightweight, and flat-fold. The chassis weighs a mere seven kilograms and folds down to fit into a car boot. The pushchair and carrycot do not fold together, so you’ll need to store them separately.

Design and features

The Cosatto Giggle 3 Pram and Pushchair From Birth to 18kg Lightweight, Compact Flat-Fold Review is the ultimate guide to the new 3-in-1 pram and pushchair. Not only is it a fun toy for your little one, but it is also a high-quality product. It features bumper bars that open and close, a 180-degree handle, and a gate.

This multi-colour carrycot and seat unit can be switched out to transform the Cosatto Giggle 3 into a travel system. The stylish carrycot features a washable mattress and removable bumper bar. It has a smooth ride and is suitable for babies up to 18kg. It also offers parent-facing options. With its reversible seat unit, you can turn it into a travel system.

As a pram, the Cosatto Giggle 3 starts as a newborn pushchair. It is suitable for babies up to nine kg and grows to 18kg. When folded, the pushchair has a comfortable carrycot that pops on with a click. The carrycot also has easy-release buttons and a washable cover that tucks under the pushchair.

Value for money

If you are looking for a lightweight compact pram for your new arrival, consider the Cosatto Giggle 3. This lightweight, compact pushchair is best for taller parents, but will also suit smaller ones. The Cosatto Giggle 3 is lightweight, compact, and flat-fold, making it easy to store or take on public transportation. This pushchair has all-suspension wheels and an easy folding mechanism.

The giggle 3 is compatible with port group 0+ and cosatto 0+ car seat. The giggle 3 also works with cosatto 0+ car seat, and is lightweight and flat-folding. The giggle is also compatible with cosatto car seat and cosatto dock adaptors for other leading brands.

The Cosatto Giggle 3 has a carrycot. This feature makes the stroller suitable for babies from birth up to 18kg. Besides the seat unit, the Cosatto Giggle 3 also comes with a changing bag and a rain cover. All fabrics are removable and washable. The colour patterns on the carrycot match the ones on the seat unit, and the carrycot is easy to clean.


Silver Cross Zest Stroller Compact and Lightweight Fully Reclining Baby To Toddler Pushchair

Silver Cross Zest Stroller, Compact and Lightweight Fully Reclining Baby To Toddler Pushchair – Grapefruit (New 2021) BUY ON AMAZON UK

The Zest is an excellent travel system for your newborn. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel by car or public transport. It also fits neatly into even the smallest car boot. The pushchair also features a 5-point safety harness. However, it is a little fiddly to use at first, so it’s a good idea to practice before using it.

This stylish pushchair has a cosy carrycot, a fixed forward facing seat, and an upright pushchair seat. It reclines comfortably for naptime on-the-go, and it can double as a highchair when dining out. Its rain cover is useful, and it folds down compactly. Added benefits of this pushchair include a lifetime warranty and an easy-to-use design.


When it comes to travel strollers, the Silver Cross Zest has it all. It features one-hand folding, shoulder straps, and a shopping basket. When folded, it is small enough to fit into most overhead airplane storage spaces. It is comparable in weight to the Jet, but folds into a long, thin shape. For this reason, it is better suited for car travel rather than flying. It is also built to accommodate toddlers weighing up to 25 kg, so it will be suitable for trips that require the parent to drive and not fly.

It is easy to maneuver, is lightweight, and comes with many features to keep your child comfortable. It also features a canopy that supports UV 50+ protection and a hood for added security. The Silver Cross Zest is designed to last for years of travel and everyday use. It also has a calf support for added support and convenience. The stroller also comes with a rain cover and a hood for extra safety.

Design and Features

The Silver Cross Zest is a lightweight, compact, forward-facing pushchair. It weighs just 5.8kg and folds to a small size of 24cm wide, 103cm long. Its foam pistol-grip handles are easy to grasp and maneuver. The stroller is also highly durable, with a special aluminum frame that is sturdy. The seat and canopy are fully reclining, and there’s a brake on either side. The stroller has a footmuff that matches the fabric.

The Silver Cross Zest is extremely easy to push and folds compactly. The pushchair has padded handles and a handle that is good for people up to six feet tall. The pushchair folds easily with one hand, which makes it convenient to store. The Silver Cross Zest comes with all the features a family needs for a comfortable ride.

Value for money

The compact and lightweight Zest stroller can be folded by one hand or even by two. When folded, it’s easy to carry. A handle attached to the back of the stroller makes it easy to store. Its wheels are easy to maneuver, but it’s not ideal for gravel tracks or cobblestone roads. When erect, the Zest pushchair is narrow enough to fit in a standard car boot.

The Silver Cross Zest is a great all-round stroller for small children. It’s also very lightweight at 7.5kg. Parents will appreciate the extra storage space the large basket and the adjustable hood. The Zest also folds compactly, which is ideal if you plan to travel a lot. While the Zest weighs slightly more than the Profold, the Zest is still one of the most durable and compact strollers.


Kinderkraft Pram 3 in 1 Set MOOV Travel System Baby Pushchair Buggy

Kinderkraft Pram 3 in 1 Set MOOV, Travel System, Baby Pushchair, Buggy, Foldable, with Infant Car Seat, Accessories, Rain Cover, Footmuff, for Newborn, from Birth to 3 Years, Black BUY ON AMAZON UK

Purchasing an all-in-one pushchair can be a costly proposition, but the Kinderkraft Xmoov is an exceptional value for money. This travel system is made of high-quality materials, is lightweight, and is highly maneuverable. In addition to being easy to use, it features an adjustable handle height and swivel wheels. It is also guaranteed to fit together.

The Moov features an integrated canopy and a detachable bumper bar for added protection. A large, comfortable seat unit can be converted into a toddler seat with the help of an easy-to-use switch. The Moov also features three recline settings and a 5-point safety harness. The XMOOV also comes with a convenient stroller bag.

The Moov is a modern pushchair system that combines the benefits of a car seat, stroller, and carrycot. The Moov can accommodate two children at once, and its easy-to-use seat unit tilts 180 degrees. It is lightweight and easily folds with one hand. It also includes a shopping basket and a rain cover.


When compared with other travel systems, the Kinderkraft XMOOV is a good choice for the budget-conscious market. It includes a car seat, pushchair, changing bag, and cup holder. As the name suggests, this all-in-one pushchair is designed to be comfortable and convenient for your child. It also has a seat unit that converts to a toddler seat when your child is old enough to sit up unsupported.

Design and features

This stroller is easy to maneuver and has large, air-filled wheels with shock absorbers. It is also easy to steer and has a hood that extends for a viewing window. The car seat converts from a carrier to a bouncer, and the pushchair comes with a car seat cover. It has multiple safety features, such as a 5-point safety harness.

The MOOV Travel System is a great option for those who want a stroller that converts from a pushchair to a car seat and vice versa. It offers many advantages over a typical stroller and will serve your child for many years. The MOOV Travel System is highly functional and received a positive review from Stifftung Warentest. This pushchair features a spacious hood and synthetic leather handle with a variety of adjustment options, making it perfect for city walks and strolling. The air-filled wheels and shock absorbers make it safe for your baby to ride in any direction.

The Kinderkraft Moov is a modern, 3-in-1 travel system baby stroller that comes with a carrycot. Its 2in1 seat/carrycot unit is convertible from rear to forward facing. It is designed for ease of use and is made of high quality materials. The Moov also includes an adjustable handle, a rain cover, a mosquito net, a 3-point safety harness, and an extra-large shopping basket.

Value for money

The Kinderkraft Moov travel system is a great choice for parents on a budget. This system combines convenience with modern design, making it easy to maneuver and comfortable for your child. It also comes with various accessories, including a reclining seat and footmuff. Its swivel wheels and easy-fold design make it easy to transport from room to room. This travel system also comes with a practical stroller bag.


Mamas & Papas Airo Stroller Buggy Lightweight One Handed Fold Compact Storage

Mamas & Papas Airo Stroller, Buggy, Lightweight, One handed Fold, Compact Storage, Lie-Flat Seat, 7.6 kg - Black BUY ON AMAZON UK

The Mamas & Papas Airo Stroler Buggy Lightweight One handed Fold Compact Store has many great features that make it an ideal choice for a travel system. It features a canopy with sun visor and peek a boo window for added safety. The 5-point safety harness is padded and adjustable to fit the child. The stroller also has sealed ball bearings on all wheels for smooth gliding and one-handed steering. The included accessories include a rain cover and cup/bottle holder.

The Mamas & Papas Airo is a convertible travel system and stroller. The Airo features three reclining positions, leather-made handlebars, and a sun visor for added safety. It is suitable for use from birth and is fully compatible with car seats and other accessories. The Airo is lightweight and easily folds and unfolds with one hand.

The Mamas and Papas Airo is a lightweight travel system that is great for a family on the go. It offers three recline positions, an adjustable handlebar, a big canopy, and SPF50+ protection for your baby. It’s compatible with babies from birth to 22kg. However, there are some disadvantages to the Airo that may make you reconsider buying it.

The lightweight Airo is great for travel and everyday use. It features a reclining seat and a flat seat base, which can be positioned either facing you or away from you. Its material is also machine washable and features a premium feel. Its matching changing bag comes with a bottle holder, changing mat, and changing pad. The Airo can face either way, so that your child can face you.

If you’re looking for a stroller that is lightweight, but can be folded and unfolded easily, the Mamas & Papas Airo may not be for you. Its tiny wheels aren’t the best for use in the countryside. Instead, you should look for a pram with robust wheels and suspension for better maneuverability.

Design and features

The airo is a lightweight and easy-to-use convertible travel system from Mamas & Papas. It features three reclining positions on the seat, a leather-made handlebar, a peek-a-boo window, and a large canopy. This stroller is suitable for newborns and young toddlers and comes with a two-year warranty.

The folding size of this lightweight stroller makes it ideal for transporting and storage. Once folded, the stroller can fit in a small trunk. The stroller also stands upright when it is folded, so it will take up little space. It is easy to fold and un-fold. Lastly, it weighs 7.6kg, which means it can easily fit into a car boot.

Another lightweight stroller is the Mamas & Papas Airo. This pushchair is great for city use and is suitable for children from six months to 22kg. A great feature of the Mamas & Papas Airo is its ability to fit into tight spaces. It also has a large canopy with SPF 50+ protection and a peek-a-boo window.

Value for money

The Mamas & Papas Airo is a lightweight one handed fold compact storage stroller that has a cosy and durable seat for your baby. The seats lie flat for easy access for newborns and the buggy’s frame can accommodate two car seats. The 5-point harness is secure and the stroller features two brakes, a footbrake and a handbrake. The Mamas & Papas Airo comes with travel cover and rain cover. You can also get it in bundles – a traveller’s bundle includes a cupholder, footmuff, and newborn pack.

The airo is 45cm thin and feels surprisingly long. Although it can be difficult to maneuver around tight corners, it glides effortlessly when pushed one-handed and the brake feels solid. It comes with a one-year warranty. It has many positive features but lacks reversibility. It is also larger than most cabin-sized luggage.


Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono Pushchair Easily Convertible to Twin Or Double Stroller

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono Single to Double Convertible Side by Side pram and Pushchair, Foldable Lightweight Stroller with Black Sun Canopy and Black Chassis BUY ON AMAZON UK

The Donkey 3 is a great choice for a parent looking for a stroller that easily converts from a single to a twin or double. It offers a full recline, dual bassinets, and a large, adjustable canopy. This versatile stroller is also lightweight and easy to fold. There’s a seat for each child and it holds up to 50 pounds. The Bugaboo Donkey also has a seat for your baby to sit in, and a removable tray for storing essentials. The Donkey 3 also features a convenient Tot Baby Registry.

The Donkey 3 features a unique seat system that allows it to convert between a single and a double stroller. A reversible seat allows parents to face their babies and enjoy the scenery at the same time. Unlike the previous Donkey models, the Donkey 3’s seat unit can be easily detached and turned into a double or twin stroller.

The clever design of the Bugaboo Donkey 3 easily converts the pushchair from single to twin or double mode. Easily accessed by pressing a button on the central axle, the seat and the carrying bag can be removed and attached to the frame. The pushchair features two storage options, a large storage basket with a 22-lb weight capacity and a smaller bag for additional baby gear. The storage basket is perfect for storing baby items, and it also converts to a double if needed.

Another pro is the seat recline options. The Donkey3 can accommodate two different ages, as the older child faces the parent pushing and the younger one facing the world. It’s ideal for feeding your baby at a cafe or other venue that doesn’t offer a high chair. Unlike cheaper double buggies, the Donkey3 seat reclines at a 360-degree angle and features a removable bar.

Design and features

The Bugaboo Donkey 3 is a versatile stroller that comes with a double bassinet and a seat for infants. Its design is compact and folds easily, and the large EVA foamy wheels make it easy to maneuver. This pushchair is also puncture-free and can easily fit two children, giving parents peace of mind.

It has a side luggage basket and a side luggage bag. It has a zip-off, breathable fabric cover that secures your essentials and prevents them from getting squished. This is a useful feature when traveling in colder climates. The canopy is removable, and you can purchase additional covers for the bassinet as necessary.

The Donkey5 comes with a seat that sits 1 inch higher than the bassinet. It also comes with a rain cover and a mesh peek-a-boo window on the canopy. The seat’s fabric matches the sun canopy and frame colors. You can even customize the canopy with your own color. The Bugaboo Donkey5 also features a side-by-side seat that sits higher than the frame and offers better access to the under-seat basket.

Value for money

The Donkey’s storage compartment is upgraded over its predecessors with leatherette, and it also has a cover. Not only does this keep valuables and necessities protected from the elements, but it’s also a convenient place to put your keys and other essentials. The previous version of the Donkey had an open side basket, which your toddler could reach for something.

The Bugaboo Donkey can easily convert from a single to a twin or double stroller. It’s compatible with most car seats, including Maxi-Cosi and Chicco. Despite its large size, it is surprisingly stable when fully loaded. Even at full capacity, it is easy to maneuver, thanks to its small turning radius and large foam-filled wheels.

The Donkey is a great choice for the urban parent because it’s easy to convert to a double or twin stroller. Its double rear-facing option makes it perfect for challenging terrain. And the double seat makes it an excellent choice for parents who want a stroller with high style. A Bugaboo Donkey is also very easy to clean and has a sturdy base.


Cosatto Woosh 2 Pushchair – Lightweight Stroller From Birth to 25kg

Cosatto Woosh 2 Pushchair – Lightweight Stroller From Birth to 25kg - One Hand Easy Fold, Compact (Fika Forest) BUY ON AMAZON UK

The Cosatto Woosh 2 pushchair is the perfect travel system for your child. Its lightweight aluminium chassis makes it easy to maneuver. Its four-wheeled and three-wheeled designs are responsive. You can lock the swivel wheels to help keep your child safe from road hazards. And its spacious, easy-access basket provides convenient storage for your baby’s toys.

The Cosatto Woosh 2 pushchair has many features, including a compact fold, comfortable seating and adjustable calf support. It has a maximum weight capacity of 25kg and comes with a 4-year limited warranty. It can accommodate babies from birth to 25kg and comes with a one-hand concertina compact fold and a quick-release 5-point safety harness. It is available only for home delivery.

The Cosatto Woosh 2 pushchair is well-made and smooth to push. It also has good suspension over bumpy terrain. The canopy offers a protective layer against the sun and an extra layer of coziness. The stroller comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s the perfect travel system for your newborn.

The Cosatto Woosh 2 Pushchair is a luxurious lightweight stroller that is perfect for newborns. Its plush seat and canopy are crafted from UPF 100+ sun-protection fabric to keep your little one safe from the sun. Additionally, the Woosh comes with a comfortable leatherette handle. It is also compact and foldable, making it perfect for traveling. It also comes with a luxury travel companion and a five-point safety harness.

This stroller comes with a newborn recline feature and is great for babies who are just starting to crawl. It can also be used from birth to 25kg. If you’re unsure about what size your baby is going to grow into, this pushchair is a great investment. The Cosatto Woosh pushchair comes with a Cosatto Dock i-Size car seat that attaches to it.

Design and features

This lightweight pushchair for newborns and toddlers is designed for easy portability. It comes in a variety of bright colours and is designed to stand out from the crowd. New designs for the Cosatto Woosh 2 include unicorns, forest scenes, and mushrooms. Its original Magic Bell is also present, which is easy to press and wiggle.

The Cosatto Woosh 2 pushchair is a sturdy, portable stroller with a four-year guarantee and a generous weight limit of up to 25kg. Its compact design makes it easy to carry on a plane or train. Its lightweight aluminum frame is easy to push and features a variety of safety features for both you and your baby.

The Cosatto Woosh 2 pushchair’s harness is highly adjustable and includes a newborn recline. Adjusting the harness is relatively easy, but it does require two hands. The five-pointer harness is secure and a middle brake is included for added safety. The leather bumper bar is articulated and folds with the stroller.

Value for money

A light, compact stroller for your new baby, the Cosatto Woosh is designed for your new arrival from birth to around 25kg. The Cosatto Woosh is comfortable to push and is available in eight eye-catching patterns. Its UPF 100+ double hood protects your child from the sun and its original rain cover ensures your new baby is protected from bad weather.

This lightweight stroller is available in a range of colours and patterns to suit your child’s interests. There is an Astronaut design available in blue and yellow, and a unicorn design for your little one. We tested the Woosh 2 with our three-year-old and found it to be a winner. The Cosatto Woosh 2 is designed to keep your child safe and comfortable for many years, thanks to its front suspension and five point safety harness.

The Cosatto Woosh 2 has many features and is easy to use. The carrycot and the seat are reversible, making it easy to convert the stroller into a travel system. The front swivel wheel locks and the leatherette height-adjustable handlebar make it easy to put on and remove your baby.


This was our list with best pushchairs, buggies and strollers

In conclusion, finding the right pushchair, buggy or stroller can be a daunting task. With so many different makes and models on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. Hopefully, this list has provided you with some guidance and helped you to find the perfect pushchair for your needs.