What Weight Can A Buggy Board Take?

A lifesaver to long walks and days out, buggy boards are the perfect antidote to keeping everyone safe and secure. Finding the right buggy board to suit your little one and family doesn’t need to be complicated! So hop on-board, and take a look at our buggy board weight limit guide:

General buggy board weight guidelines

Like all things, buggy boards have a maximum weight capacity that they can take. Plus, whatever you add on to your pram is going to be more for you to push around as you stroll. 

Having the right buggy board that is practical and easy to use is the key to making your life a bit easier when you’re out and about. Generally speaking, buggy boards can take up to 20 kg/ 44 lbs which is the average weight of a 6 year old. 

So, what buggy boards are available?

Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi | Universal Buggy Board, Compatible with 99% of Pushchairs | Pram Accessory for Children from 2-6 Years | Blue BUY ON AMAZON UK

A descendant of the original BuggyBoard, the Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard is a revolutionary product. Able to take up to 20 kg/44 lbs, the Lascal Maxi can adapt as your child grows, making it a sought out purchase for many parents. 

Compatible with 99% of pushchairs on the market, the Lascal Maxi can be attached to pretty much any pram out there! 

Engineered to take on challenging terrain, the Lascal Maxi easily travels over kerbs and bumpy pavements. It’s also easy to transfer between your different buggy, pram and stroller with its simple clip system. What’s not to like?

Baby Jogger Glider Board

Baby Jogger Glider Board Buggy Board | For City Elite 2, City Mini GT2, Citz Sights Pushchairs & More BUY ON AMAZON UK

Built with older children in mind, the Baby Jogger Glider Board can hold up to 27 kg/60 lbs. Fully adjustable, the Glider can adapt with your child as they grow. 

With a non-slip rubber surface, the Glider is suitable for all weather types and will give your child more confidence when on board. As one of the more sturdy buggy boards on the market, the Glider is a good choice to parents that need that extra bit of walking comfort for their child for a bit longer. 

Easy X2 Rider Sit N Ride

Easy X Rider Sit N Ride 2 Wheeled Rider Universal Buggy Ride On Board with Seat & Steering Wheel to fit All Pushchairs, Prams and Strollers - Hook Over Adapter BUY ON AMAZON UK

Safe and secure, the Easy X2 Rider Sit N Ride is a good option for little ones that need to sit down while you’re out on your walk. Able to take up to 15 kg/33 lbs, the Sit N Ride offers a 3-point harness for smaller children to feel comfortable, and keep your mind at ease. 

Offering a stand-up option too, the Sit N Ride is a great buggy board to build confidence for your little one navigating their way with a sibling too! 

Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board

mountain buggy Freerider Stroller Board Black BUY ON AMAZON UK

Innovative and fun, the Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board is a real gamechanger. The Freerider gives your child the confidence to independently scoot alongside you while having the comfort of being able to hop on board behind the pram when they become too tired. 

As a scooter, the Freerider can take up to 50 kg/110 lbs, or 20 kg/44 lbs as a stroller board. With its adjustable handlebar, the Freerider is a great option for parents looking for a higher buggy board weight limit.

Plus, the Freerider has exceptional maneuverability which allows your child to find their balance and learn how to navigate at the same time. Win, win for keeping your little one engaged while on your walk.

MorNon Buggy Board with Seat Standing Board

One of the more affordable buggy boards on the market, the MorNon Buggy Board with Seat Standing Board offers a sit or stand option for your little one. Able to take up to 20 kg/44 lbs, the MorNon Buggy Board is great for your growing child to explore. 

Easily attached to the back of your pushchair, your toddler can hop on board with confidence as you go about your day. With the added suspension, your little one can enjoy having a bump-free ride.

Bumprider Stroller Board 

Bumprider Stroller Board (Black) BUY ON AMAZON UK

Adjustable and offering a smooth ride, the Bumprider Stroller Board is a compact buggy board for parents on the run. Offering a simple, yet sturdy design, your little one will feel at ease when standing on this buggy board. 

With a maximum weight of 20 kg/44 lbs, the Bumprider is a good choice for parents with a growing family. The non-slip buggy board surface will help your child feel secure on any terrain. 

Help build your little one’s confidence by finding the perfect buggy board to support your growing child.